This year we have seen a lot of weddings have to be postponed, and people who may have planned for a summer wedding have found themselves instead likely to get married in the colder months. As a lot of brides will have already bought their dresses, alterations or accessories to make a more winter-friendly dress have been more popular than ever. Whether you are adding sleeves for warmth, or want a bit of extra winter sparkle, there are many alterations available to make sure your dress fits your bridal vision. 

Winter Wedding Dress Alterations


Some of the most popular wedding dresses out there come without sleeves, whether that be because they have a small spaghetti strap or come without any at all. These are particularly popular in the warmer months where brides don’t have to worry so much about the chilly weather. If you have a sleeveless gown that you were hoping to wear in summer but have had to change your plans, then luckily the option to add sleeves to a gown is available. 


If you have opted for a short or mid-length dress but instead would prefer to wear a floor-length gown, you can purchase overskirts for your dress. These simply tie around your waist and create a completely different look to your gown, finished with a delicate belt or bow. You can even wear this for part of your day and then take it off to reveal your shorter dress underneath, giving you two looks in one! There are skirts available in a number of different styles. 


If you want something to keep you warm that doesn’t change too much of your dress, opt for a bolero. There are so many different styles of boleros available for you to choose from and they are great to give you a bit of warmth as well as being an added feature to your gown. Much like the over-skirt, you can take this on and off easily as you please, rather than it being a permanent change to your dress. 


Typically with a winter wedding brides are more interested in having some sparkle on their gown. If you have found yourself having to change your wedding date and wish your gown had a bit more to it, there is no need to go out and panic buy another dress! Instead, you can get alterations done to add some extra embellishments to your gown, giving you the freedom to change up your dress without having to splash too much extra cash. 


When a wedding date has to be changed it can sometimes alter your vision for your gown, which is why it is important to know your options. There are many alterations available that can make your dress fit your new vision, you just need to talk to a seamstress who will be able to help you understand the changes that can be made. For your free consultation, get in touch with us today. 

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