Wedding Dress Embellishments

Embellishments can really transform the overall look of your wedding dress. Luckily, embellishments can be easily added to your gown to help you really transform how your dress looks. Also, if you feel your gown has too many embellishments, these can usually be removed or replaced to fit your style better.

Embellishments can be pinned into place so you can get an idea of what your dress will look like before committing to any alterations. Our professional team will be able to tell you what is possible to change on your dress in your completely free consultation.


Lace embellishments add a romantic feeling to your gown, transforming your dress to look completely reinvented. Our seamstresses will delicately place the lace across your gown into a style that suits what you are looking for. Whether you are looking to add a lot or a little, our professional team will be able to show you variations until you are completely happy with your dress.


Pearls add an elegant touch to your wedding gown, glistening in the light and shimmering as you walk down the aisle. If you want a touch of shine and some added details, pearls are the perfect choice. They add something to your gown without taking away from the design or being too distracting. Pearls can even be used in place of buttons to incorporate the embellishments into your wedding dress design.


For the bride who wants to create a show stopping dress, adding crystal embellishments can really transform a gown. Crystals truly make a bridal gown sparkle, with every bit of light catching your dress and highlighting just how special your gown is. We can have these spread across your dress for a more subtle design, or placed together to create a crystal pattern, it is completely up to you and your personal style.