Sometimes you find the perfect gown but there is just one thing that needs changing to make it your dream gown. The neckline of the gown is one of the features that most brides want to alter, with a simple change making it the wedding dress they have been dreaming of. In most cases the neckline can be changed, but our bridal seamstresses will be able to work with you and let you know exactly what is possible. There are various different styles of necklines out there that you may feel is more flattering for you and your gown.

Types of Necklines

Below are a few of the most common necklines for wedding dresses.


A sweetheart neckline is one of the most popular necklines out there. It is universally flattering, resembling the shape of the top of the heart at the top of your gown. This style accentuates a brides decolletage, so is particularly popular amongst brides who want a more defined silhouette. Many brides who prefer this style but have found a gown with a straight neckline will come in to have the neckline reshaped.


A V-neck shape works particularly well on shorter brides by visually lengthening their torso and giving them a longer appearance. The dip can be as deep as you want, it is all about personal preference when it comes to choosing the depth of the V. This is most commonly done on dresses with a strap or sleeve to support the deep V shape.


An illusion neckline is where there is a sheer, mesh fabric in place to give you the look of skin while having extra support on your neckline. This is commonly decorated with appliques to give you the appearance of having details floating across your skin. Illusion necklines can often be created and added onto your gown, depending on the existing neckline.