The simple answer to this question is yes, wedding dresses can be altered. A wedding dress is made out of delicate and expensive material, which is why any alterations should be undertaken by a professional bridal seamstress. To find out if the alterations you want to have done are achievable, book in for a consultation with one of our bridal seamstresses who will be able to talk to you about your requirements.

Various changes can be made to your gown depending on the amount of time you have, the current structure of your dress, and the material it is made out of. Alterations can be as small as adding a lace belt, or as large as completely changing the neckline and shape of your dress. Whether you are looking for some intricate details changing, a structure change, or you just want to have your dress tailored to suit your body, get in touch with us today for a free consultation.

The cost of alterations depends on the amount of work that needs to be done to your gown. At AB Wedding Dress Alterations, we provide you with a free consultation where we will be able to give you an accurate quote for the work that needs to be done to your gown. During your initial consultation we will be able to walk you through everything that needs to be done to your dress to get the dress looking and feeling perfect, and give you an understanding of what you are being charged for. We would always do our best to keep our prices reasonable and within your budget.

The timing of having your wedding dress altered is important to ensuring that your gown is completed before your big day. How long before your alterations begin depends on how much needs to be done to your dress. Typically, we advise all brides to book their initial consultation as soon as the dress is in their possession so we can have an understanding on what alterations need to be made and how many fittings are needed. We will always work to your wedding date and will schedule your final fitting close enough to your wedding to make sure your size doesn’t change after your final appointment.

We are often asked whether wedding dresses should be cleaned before or after alterations. We recommend that brides have their dresses cleaned after the work is complete.

To ensure your dress fits you perfectly and to have an idea how you will look on your wedding day, we advise you to bring in the undergarments and shoes you will be wearing on your wedding day to your appointments.

Should you wish to cancel or reschedule your appointment, please give us at least 24 hours’ notice. If you haven’t visited us yet and you made your appointment online, you can change it by following the link in the email we sent you at the time of the booking.

If you have already visited us and would like to change the date and time of your fitting, please email us on and quote your order number as well as provide us with the new date and time for your appointment.

We understand that you would like to bring along your family members or friends to your appointments. Please note that due to restricted floor space we would really appreciate if you could limit the number of people you bring along to two.

If you would like us to add bespoke detail to compliment your dress (for example, sleeves), there are several ways of how the fabric could be sourced. If you would like the fabric to be identical to the fabric of your dress, we would suggest that you reach out to your dress supplier and ask them if it would be possible for them to source it. Our bridal seamstress will be able to advise how much fabric we might need.

Alternatively, we have a catalogue of bridal fabrics at our boutique. Our bridal seamstress will be more than happy to help you choose the right fabric and will place an order with our reliable fabric supplier.

We would be more than happy to clean your wedding dress for you. Please ask your bridal seamstress for details.