Have you found yourself in a situation where your wedding gown is too small? There is no need to panic. It is quite common for a wedding dress to not fit you perfectly when you get closer to your wedding as the gowns are ordered so far in advance. Most wedding gowns are made with enough extra material for the dress to be let out. Generally, there is enough material to take the dress up by one size. Our professional bridal seamstresses are experts in letting out wedding dresses. Get in touch to book your completely free consultation where your dedicated seamstress will be able to help you have your dress fitting perfectly.

The Stages of Letting Out a Wedding Dress

Initial Consultation

The first step is to have your initial consultation with one of our seamstresses. During this appointment your bridal seamstress will be able to assess how much more room you need in your gown and let you know what work needs to be done and how much this will cost. No work will be undertaken until a price has been agreed upon.


Once the seamstress knows what needs to be done, alterations begin. This is a delicate process in which the bridal seamstress will delicately unpick the current seams in order to have more material in the gown and therefore give you the room you need for the dress to fit perfectly.


The final stage of letting out your gown is the fitting. During this appointment you will be able to try on your dress and assess if the fit is to your standard or if there are any further changes you would like to make. Your final fitting will be a few weeks before the wedding to avoid the chance of your weight changing again.