The straps on your wedding dress are an integral part of the overall design. They can be used both for structure or just design, depending on the style of your dress. If you want alterations made to your straps on your wedding gown, our professional team will work with you to help you complete the design of your wedding dress. Straps are available both plain or with embellishments depending on your personal preference and style.


If the straps on your wedding dress are too long you will have the strap either falling down or standing higher than your shoulder. Our alterations team will be able to remove any excess material on your strap so that it fits you perfectly, leaving you looking great and feeling comfortable on your big day.


When the straps are too short on your wedding dress, they will either dig into your shoulder or prevent you from putting the dress on at all. By lengthening your straps, you will be able to feel comfortable in your wedding gown, supported by the perfect length strap with no red marks from them digging in to your skin. Our team will work with you to find the perfect material to lengthen your straps, adding embellishments if needed to conceal where to material may slightly differ. Alternatively, we can replace the entire strap and remove the existing one.


Although not all wedding dresses come with straps, they are an easy addition to almost any wedding gown. Some brides want straps on their gown to make them feel more secure on their wedding day, whereas others just want them for the overall appearance of their gown. Our team of expert bridal seamstresses can add straps to your wedding dress and will match them as closely to your gown as possible. These can be detailed with embellishments or in a plain design, it is completely up to you.