Wedding Dress Sleeves Alterations

Sleeves on a wedding dress can be added, removed, or tailored to suit your personal style and taste. Our professional bridal seamstresses will be able to work with you to change or remove your current sleeves until the dress is perfect for you.

Adding Sleeves

If you have purchased a sleeveless dress but feel sleeves would suit you better, then our team can add sleeves to your gown. Whether you are looking for mesh sleeves with appliques to still show off some of your arms, or you want a block material that covers you completely, we will be able to create sleeves that suit you and your gown.

Altering Sleeves

If your gown already comes with sleeves but they either do not fit you or are not to your preference, we can alter your sleeves. Having your sleeves fit you perfectly on your gown is important to the overall appearance of your wedding dress. If they appear too large and not fitted to your arms, it can ruin your overall bridal look. On the other hand, if they are too small and tight on your arms, you will be uncomfortable on your big day. Our team will be able to alter your sleeves to the perfect size, as well as work with you to add or remove any details.

Removing Sleeves

Some brides prefer a sleeveless gown. If you would rather have a sleeveless dress, we can look at the structure of your gown and see how we can remove the sleeves. For the most part sleeves are not necessary, and you should be able to at least replace these with just a simple strap. On some occasions we may need to add extra boning to your dress to take the support that the sleeves may have previously provided, but this will be completely seamless and will be explained by your dedicated bridal seamstress.