Bridal dress trends for 2021

Each year brings with it a whole new popular style of weddings dresses, and 2021 is no different. While the past year has seen many changes in the way people celebrate their wedding day, one thing has stayed constant: the perfect gown. 

As we expect to see wedding celebrations return to normal for the summer, the most popular season for weddings, we thought it was time to start looking at the trends we expect to see for weddings in 2021. Keep reading for the 4 top bridal trends to expect from this year. 

4 top bridal trends to expect this year

Simple and elegant

We have seen more brides choose to highlight their own beauty with a simple and elegant gown, rather than having a dress that takes away all of the attention. The beauty of a simple gown is it truly is all about you. Instead of taking away any attention, it just highlights the elegance and breathtaking beauty of the bride herself. Having a slightly more simple gown also gives you the chance to add small details with alterations, meaning you have an entirely blank canvas to add whatever you wish. 

Off the shoulder

A style we have seen become increasingly popular over recent years is gowns that feature off the shoulder straps. This has been seen on various different styles of dresses as the possibilities are endless! Whether you want elegant and floaty off the shoulder straps, or fitted ones that match your structured gown, there is truly an off the shoulder style out there suitable for any bride. As they rarely add any support to the dress it is also often possible to easily add off the shoulder straps to a strapless gown through alterations. 

Layered skirts

Layered skirts are everywhere in the wedding dress market right now. They are perfect for adding some extra flair and texture without the need for an extra full skirt or extremely long train, giving you the wow factor you are looking for while still being able to easily move around in your dress. This style gives some added volume and dimension to a ball gown or a-line silhouette without weighing the dress down. Instead, it feels light and fluffy and perfect for any bride.

Reimagined classics

The classic dresses will never go away, after all, that’s the entire point of a dress being a classic! We are, however, seeing some reimagined versions of these much loved classic gowns making their way into the weddings of 2021. One example is new designs of lace, with natural patterns of leaves and larger flowers becoming more popular and commonly seen rather than the traditional style of lace. As well as this, we are seeing large additions added to dresses to add something different! Big bows made out of various materials are becoming a favourite among many brides to add that extra wow factor. 

As the variety of gowns available on the market continue to grow, it is becoming even easier to find the perfect wedding dress for you. Whether you are looking for a show stopper of a gown or something that shows off your own beauty, your dream dress is out there waiting.

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