The fastener on your gown is essential for ensuring that you are comfortable and confident that your dress is going to stay on all day. Having a strong zip or buttons in place is important to make sure that you can go about your wedding day without worrying about anything disastrous happening to your fastener. 

If what is currently on your gown feels weak or does not look how you want it to, these can be replaced by our professional team of seamstresses. They will spend the time delicately removing the previous fastener and replacing it with one that both looks and feels better suited to your gown. 

Zip Replacement

Replacing a zip on a wedding gown needs to be done delicately to ensure the material around the zip is left in perfect condition. You want to make sure that the zip it is replaced with is done seamlessly, looking as though it was made to be a part of your dress. It is also important that it is in the right shade so that the zip is virtually invisible, rather than sticking out and ruining your dress. 

Button Replacement

Buttons are extremely popular on wedding gowns, the most common ones being satin covered or embellished buttons. Whether the current buttons you have on your dress look old, or you just want a different style, we can replace the buttons on your wedding gown. Our seamstresses will be able to remove and replace all of your buttons individually, leaving the gown looking as good as new without any evidence that a replacement has been made. The positioning of your buttons is very important for making sure your dress is secure throughout the day, and your dedicated seamstress will be able to work with you to ensure they close and fit perfectly.