Wedding Dress Length

The length of your wedding dress is a vital part of making sure your gown is perfect on your big day. If your dress is too long your gown will trape across the floor, making it a hazard for you to trip on and also allowing your precious dress to get dirty. On the other hand, if your dress it too short it can look unfinished and unfitted for you, often hitting you at an awkward length. The length of your wedding gown can be easily altered to your height by a professional bridal seamstress, whether it is too long or too short.


The process of shortening your wedding dress can vary depending on how much length you need taking off of your dress and on the style of your dress. If there is not much that you need taking off, your bridal seamstress will hem your dress by folding the extra material until the hem is in the perfect position.

If there is quite a lot on length that you need removing, it is likely that some of the material will be cut off at the bottom of your gown. Once this is done, your dress will be hemmed again with the material that is left. Your dress will look exactly the same, the only difference being that it now suits your height perfectly and is ready for your big day.


To lengthen a wedding dress your bridal seamstress will use the extra material you get when you open the seam of the hem. This will allow you to have a longer gown that still flows perfectly with the rest of your dress. Your dedicated bridal seamstress will then be able to create a new hem at the appropriate length for you, finishing the dress off perfectly and leaving it looking completely original. Sometimes, if there is no enough material at the bottom of the dress our expert bridal seamstress might be able to use a more complicated technique to alter the length the dress through the waist.