Ballgown or a-line, which wedding dress shape is right for you?

Brides who are looking for a wedding dress with a tight bodice but a voluminous skirt will find themselves most likely trying on a-line and ballgown wedding dresses. While the two styles might appear similar, they’re both different silhouettes that come with their own unique features. We’ve put together this blog to help you decide between the two styles and give you some tips about the famous silhouettes.

What is an a-line wedding dress?

One of the most flattering silhouettes on the market, an A-line wedding dress is designed to accentuate your figure by being tight on the upper body and then loosely flowing down into a skirt at the bottom. The name comes from the fact that the skirt creates an ‘A’ shape due to how the dress is designed. A-line dresses are ideal for a bride who wants a bit of shape to their gown without going too large at the bottom, instead having a more understated finish at the bottom gradually flowing down. 

Tips for choosing an a-line wedding dress

  • You can find A-line dresses with almost any wedding dress neckline as the skirt style isn’t in need of extra support, so if you’re looking to go strapless without extreme corseting this is a great option.
  • The skirt’s design makes it easy to move in, so you won’t have to worry about getting around or having fun on the dance floor on your big day.
  • Their versatility means you’ll be able to find one in the exact style you’re looking for, whether that be vintage lace or contemporary satin.
  • The A-line silhouette first is any wedding theme, season, and venue. This means they’re great for a bride who is looking to get their dress before their venue is booked because it’s very likely that no matter where or when your dress will be perfect for the big day.

What is a ballgown wedding dress?

While A-lines offer a more understated impact, ballgowns are the opposite. These are one of the most extravagant silhouettes a bride can opt for, offering a particularly dramatic entrance on the big day. The dress typically comes with a fitted bodice that cinches in at the waist, which then goes out to a voluminous full skirt at the bottom.

Tips for choosing a ballgown wedding dress

  • As ballgowns are a popular style with brides, you can find them in various different designs and materials. This means that if you have your heart set on wearing a ballgown wedding dress, you’re guaranteed to be able to find one that suits the style you’re hoping for. 
  • Keep in mind that alterations are always available so if you find a ballgown but were hoping it would come with more volume, there are options to add some extra underskirt and give you even more of that wow factor.
  • Ballgowns are definitely not the easiest of dresses to go around in all day, so make sure that you’re prepared to carry some extra weight around with you and that you may need assistance from your wedding party every now and then.
  • If you’re a bride who wants the best of both worlds, you can get ballgowns that come with a detachable skirt so that you can ditch the extra volume later in the evening if you wish.

Both silhouettes create a beautiful gown for a bride on their wedding day, you just have to choose which one better suits the look you were hoping for. The best thing is to try both styles on and see which one you fall in love with.

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