What to DIY and what not to DIY for your wedding

What to DIY

DIY weddings have become increasingly popular, offering a chance for couples to infuse their personality and creativity into their special day while saving some money. However, not everything is suitable for a DIY approach. In this blog post, we’ll explore a list of things you should and shouldn’t DIY for your wedding.

Wedding invitations

Creating your own wedding invitations can be a meaningful and cost-effective project. With various online design tools and templates, you can craft personalised invitations that reflect your style and the theme of your wedding. Plus, DIY invitations allow you to invest more in other essential aspects of your wedding.

Centrepieces and decor

Decor elements such as centrepieces, table settings, and ceremony decor are great candidates for DIY projects. You can craft your own centrepieces using flowers, candles, or other materials that match your wedding theme. Personal touches like handmade table runners or custom signage can add a unique charm to your decor.

Wedding favours

Creating DIY wedding favours can be a fun and creative endeavour. From homemade candles and soaps to mini potted plants or personalised trinkets, your guests will appreciate the effort and thought you put into crafting these tokens of gratitude.

What not to DIY

Wedding photography 

While amateur photography might save money, it can lead to subpar results. Investing in a professional wedding photographer ensures that every important moment is captured beautifully. Photography is one area where you don’t want to compromise quality, as your wedding photos will be cherished for a lifetime.

Food and catering

Unless you’re a professional chef, it’s best to leave catering to the experts. Food is a central aspect of your wedding, and professionally prepared and served meals ensure that your guests are satisfied and well taken care of. DIY catering can lead to unexpected stress and substandard food quality.

Wedding dress alterations

One of the most crucial aspects of your wedding attire is having the dress fit you perfectly. Dress alterations should never be a DIY project. Trust the expertise of professional seamstresses or tailors who have experience working with delicate fabrics and intricate wedding gowns. They know how to handle various alterations, from adjusting the length and waist to fitting the bodice and sleeves. A professional ensures that your dress complements your body shape and that you feel comfortable and confident on your big day.

Professional dress alterations are essential for several reasons:

  • Precision and expertise: A skilled seamstress or tailor knows how to handle your wedding dress’s intricate details and fabrics, making precise alterations without compromising the overall design.
  • Fitting and comfort: A professional ensures that your dress fits you perfectly, providing the comfort you need to enjoy your wedding day without distractions.
  • Peace of mind: Professional alterations provide peace of mind that your dress will look impeccable and that no last-minute wardrobe malfunctions will occur.
  • Time and stress savings: Trusting a professional means you won’t have to worry about learning how to do alterations or dealing with any potential mishaps.

Avoiding wedding day DIY disasters

Planning a DIY wedding can be a rewarding experience, but it’s essential to know where to draw the line. While you can get creative with invitations, decor, and favours, certain aspects, such as photography, catering, and, most importantly, wedding dress alterations, should be left in the hands of experts.¬†

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