Wedding DIY: What to do yourself and what to save for the professionals

Wedding – Do it yourself

When you’re planning a wedding costs are always a concern and many couples look for ways they can add some DIY to keep the price down. There are some things, however, that you should leave to the professionals to avoid any wedding disasters!


Paying to have wedding invites made for you can cost a fortune, so making them yourself is a great way to cut back some costs that can be spent elsewhere on your wedding. Online you can find so many different templates that you can take and edit to include the right information for your big day. There are also companies online that will let you put in a bulk print order relatively cheap to get your invites printed and delivered to you, which you can then send out to your guests.


Whilst not every couple chooses to have wedding favours, they are a nice added touch that guests really do appreciate. The best part is you can definitely make these yourselves and keep the costs down – after all, it’s the thought that counts. Popular options that you can make yourself include small paper bags with seeds the same as your wedding flowers that your guests can plant, biscuits with your initials stamped into them, or even just a small thank you card.

Table decorations

While some of the decorations are too complex for the typical couple to make themselves, you can save money on table centrepieces and decorations by creating something yourself. These decorations are a great opportunity to show off your own personal style and get creative! Some ideas you can make yourself include: candlestick decorations, spray-painted ornaments, terrariums, and fairy light jars.

Go to the professionals

Dress alterations

If there’s one thing we never recommend doing yourself it’s alterations to your wedding dress. Seamstresses have spent years perfecting their craft, and while it might be ok to play around with the occasional item of clothing and a sewing kit, your wedding dress is not the thing to do it on! They’re pricey items and the material is very delicate. Plus, you want to feel your best on your wedding day, so make sure you get alterations done by a professional who can help you with any tweaks you need.


Having professional photos of your wedding day gives you something you can always look back on and remember the amazing day you had. While it might feel easy to just replace a photographer with a friend and a camera, you will not get the same quality of images. Plus, you don’t want your friend to be stuck behind a camera all day! A professional photographer will be able to capture photos of you and your guests that you can keep forever, and they’ll also go through the editing process to make sure the images you’re left with are perfect.

When it comes to your wedding and you want to add some DIY, just make sure you only do it where your skills fit to avoid any wedding day disasters!

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