Things to consider when planning a beach wedding

Things to plan ahead for your beach wedding

Beach weddings are very popular in the summer months, and understandably so! Whether it be here in the UK or somewhere abroad, beaches are a stunning location to get married at. It’s also one of the easiest locations for decorations for your ceremony, mostly because it’s already so naturally beautiful that you don’t really need to do a lot for it to be ready for your big day!

While it will still follow the standard structure of a wedding day, there are a few things about a beach location that you need to consider when it comes to planning the wedding. Keep reading for our top 4 things to plan ahead for your beach wedding.


It’s important to think about what yourself and the wedding party will be wearing to the wedding. While this is essential for any wedding, when you’re hosting on a beach you need to consider the environment and what outfits will be most suitable on the big day. 

Take a wedding dress, for example, a heavy ball gown probably won’t be the most appropriate thing to wear to a beach. Instead, opt for something flowy and easy to walk in that will allow you to keep cool if your wedding is on a particularly hot day. Similarly, with suits, a heavy material may be too much for the weather on the day and look out of place at the location. Linen suits are popular for beach weddings, for this reason, keeping the wedding party cool while also matching the setting.


Shoes or no shoes – that is the question. One thing is for sure, you won’t want to be walking around on the sand in high heels or smart shoes. With sand being such a soft surface certain shoes will just sink into the sand and be very uncomfortable. 

What you opt for is up to you and what vibe you want your wedding to have, but no shoes is always a great option for a beach wedding. If the reception is being held elsewhere you can have a pair of shoes to put on at this part of the day, but go natural during the ceremony with the sand on your toes. Alternatively, you can get some sandals to wear, it just depends on what you prefer. Whatever you choose, make sure the outfit you wear is altered correctly to the right length so nobody trips over their clothes!


As with any outdoor wedding, you always need to consider that the weather might not be quite what you were hoping for, and what you’re going to do if you end up with the dreaded heavy rain. Having that all-important plan B in place can really help to keep the stress out of your big day, knowing that if the weather is bad you have a backup in place. Many beach venues have an indoor option you can choose and will happily switch to that if needs be, or you can brave the weather and have some umbrellas available for all your guests. Again, it really depends on the vision you have for your own wedding day.

Beaches have been a popular wedding venue for years and years, and their popularity continues to grow! Make sure you’re prepared for your big day by the sea by making sure you consider these three things when planning for the day.

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