Incorporating Valentines Day into your wedding

Subtle romantic details to add to your wedding

February 14th is right around the corner, and as always there are plenty of weddings happening around the day of love. What better time to celebrate getting married than when love is what’s on everybody’s minds?

If you planned for your wedding to be near Valentine’s Day, you should look to include such a romantic day in your plans! Now, this doesn’t mean you have to go overboard and have Cupid ascending from the ceiling, but you can incorporate it in small details that are simple and stylish. How extreme you go is completely up to you and your style, but there are plenty of little touches here and there that can be a nod to Valentine’s Day without it being the theme of your wedding. Keep reading for some romantic details you can add to your wedding day.

Use romantic colours

When we think of Valentine’s day we automatically think of those red and pink tones. If these are colours you like then they’re perfect to add to your wedding day! How you do this is completely up to you, you could have red and pink roses as part of your flowers, or even go as far as having these colours as your table covers. 

If you want to get the vibe of Valentine’s Day across without using the decor, you could choose to dress your bridesmaids in red or pink dresses. This way it isn’t the focus of your day, but it’s still heavily featured. 

Add some heart-shaped decoration 

When decorating with hearts there is a fine line between adding small details and making your entire wedding all about heart-shaped decorations. If you’re wanting to keep things simplistic rather than it being the focal point of the wedding, then subtle touches are better. For example, you could have small heart-shaped confetti on your tables, or ask for heart-shaped champagne flutes.

If you do want a more focal feature to be heart-shaped, but you still don’t want it to take over your wedding, there are ways to have larger features without it being too extreme. For example, you can have a heart-shaped altar at the top of your wedding aisle. These make a great feature for photos and definitely bring in Valentine’s Day representation.

Themed sweet treats

One of the highlights of Valentine’s Day is the chocolate and sweet treats you get to indulge in. You want your wedding day to be filled with sweet treats too, so why not combine the two? You could set up a romantic sweet station with lots of heart-shaped goodies, or plan with your caterer for the dessert to be Valentine’s Day themed. You can even get really creative and make your own cocktail that can be served up at the bar, choosing specific flavours and colours that remind you of Valentine’s Day.

However big or small you want to go with it, there are plenty of ways to add an extra touch of love to your wedding day. Whether you want a heart-shaped altar to take charge of the room, or smaller details, adding Valentine’s Day to your wedding is a great way to emphasise the feeling of love on your big day.

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