How to Make Your Wedding Dress Unique with AB Wedding Dress Alterations

The number of different wedding dress designs out there are endless. From fishtail to ballgown, strapless to long sleeves, no train to cathedral length, the possibilities are almost endless and you are guaranteed to find your perfect gown. 

Four Things You Can Alter to Make Your Dress Uniquely You

There is, however, a lot of similar styles out there, and sometimes you just want to do something a bit different to make your wedding dress unique. Luckily for you, wedding dress alterations are available for you to change aspects of your dress to be the perfect gown for you! If you are looking for a unique twist to add to your gown, keep reading for four things you can alter to make your dress stand out from the crowd.

Add Some Colour

Traditionally wedding dresses come in white and ivory. There are some colour options available, such as blush that gives a slight touch of pink, however for the most part people tend to opt for white or ivory dresses. An easy way to make your gown unique is to add a pop of colour! This can be as extreme or as tame as you like, it truly is up to you. Whether you want to add a layer of coloured tulle to your underskirt, layer some colour on top of your gown, or just add a colourful belt, the options are endless. 

Detachable Designs

Alterations give you the opportunity to add some detachable designs to your gown, which is great for a bride who wants to change up their look throughout the night! If you have a strapless gown but want a bit of coverage for the ceremony, you can get some detachable sleeves made with your seamstress. These can clip on and clip off easily, giving you the opportunity to change up your look. You could even have a few different sleeve options throughout the night. Another great option is changing up your skirt. If you have a fitted skirt, but feel like you would love a ball gown for part of the evening, talk to your seamstress about a detachable skirt.

Add a Back Necklace

For an elegant touch, consider adding a back necklace to your gown. Back necklaces are very popular right now and are perfect for brides who chose a gown with a plunging back or a completely backless dress. Some dresses of this style come with a back necklace already attached, but there is nothing stopping you from working with a seamstress to swap this out for a different necklace that you prefer. The best part is that they are easily changeable, so you can try out a few different styles until you find the one that is perfect for you. Working with an alterations specialist will also allow them to make sure they are the perfect length for you, rather than being too long or too short.

Enhance with Embellishments

Another way to alter your dress to be different is to add some embellishments. When you add embellishments it is a bespoke design, so there is nobody out there with exactly the same dress as you. The type of embellishments you decide to add is completely up to you, which is one of the best parts of alterations! You can go traditional with lace appliques and beading to give a discreet but effective change to your gown. Alternatively, if you really want to be bold, you can add some patches and colourful embellishments that show off your personality. Whatever you go for, it is completely up to your own personal style. With alterations, these embellishments can be pinned on before you make the commitment of having them added so you can get a good idea of what it will look like before altering your dress. 


The possibilities are endless when it comes to altering your wedding gown. If you are looking for alterations to create a unique wedding dress design, then get in touch with our professional team today. We will be able to work with you to create your dream design and guide you with different alterations that can be completed.

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