autumn wedding dress

Autumn Wedding Dress 

Autumn is well and truly on its way. When you are planning for an autumn wedding and purchasing your gown, it can be easy to get swept up in the moment and forget about the season you’re getting married in. This isn’t to say you should only choose a certain style of dress depending on the season your wedding will be in, but once you’ve chosen your dress you might want to undertake some alterations that will make your dress feel more fit for your autumnal wedding. Keep reading for some changes you can make to your gown. 

Three changes to make your dress perfect for an autumn wedding

Add sleeves

Sleeves are an easy addition for most dresses, and a great way to transform your dress to be more autumnal. As well as adding a beautiful style to your gown, they can also help to keep you warm if your wedding falls on a cooler day. 

Alterations will allow you to add sleeves to your dress, and you can try a few different materials and patterns before you commit to which style you want. There are also a variety of styles you can go for, whether that be short sleeves, long sleeves, tight sleeves or loose sleeves. Work with your seamstress to try out a few styles and see what goes best with your gown before deciding on your final design.

Incorporate lace

Although lace is used in wedding dresses all year round, there is something about certain styles of lace that just scream autumn. You can get lace that has leaves incorporated into it, which really exudes the autumn feeling you’re looking for. How you want to incorporate this lace is completely up to you. If you have more of a simple dress you can add lace appliques to your gown, or go all out and create an overskirt with the material.

Alternatively, you could use this lace material on your veil or as a shawl that could be taken off later on in the night. The possibilities are almost endless, and with alterations, you’ll be able to talk to your seamstress about the different options they recommend for your gown. 

Get a shawl or cape

Adding a shawl or cape to your gown is the best option for those brides who don’t want to change too much about their wedding dress, but just want to add something they can take on and off throughout the day and night. These are also great for keeping you warm if you end up chilly throughout the day, and still keeps the bridal look instead of having to layer up with something else.

Cape’s are a great option if you want more of a train on your gown as well, and they don’t have to be made out of solid material, you can opt for a lace cape so it doesn’t hide away the back of your dress. 

Once you’ve chosen your gown, there are so many possibilities for changes with alterations. Whether you want something removable that you can take off later in the day, or a more permanent addition like sleeves, your seamstress will help you create the vision you’re dreaming of.

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