Dresses for Summer 2021 Weddings

Wedding Dresses for the Summer of 2021 

Summer is on its way, and it looks like this year we will be able to attend more weddings as usual. So, what should we be expecting brides to wear this year? Keep reading for some of the top trends we are expecting to see from the Summer 2021 wedding season!

The most popular wedding dresses for this summer

Off the shoulder gowns

In recent years off the shoulder gowns have been really popular, they offer a bit of an illusion of a sleeve and more detail without getting too much in the way for the bride. Wide open necks with off the shoulder sleeves are a big trend for this year, and offer a lovely romantic vibe for summer weddings. Off the shoulder gowns come in so many variations, so expect to see some with a light floaty skirt, and others that have that more fitted mermaid style at the bottom.

Detailed backs 

Portrait and plunging back details are becoming more and more popular every year, especially in the summer. Much like the off the shoulder gowns, they add an extra bit of detail without changing the overall appearance of the gown. It also shows off some flesh to help the bride feel cool on those extra warm summer days. You can get these in a range of different styles and designs, whether you want a daring deep plunge or a portrait that shows off most of your back, or something a bit more modest, expect to see a lot of different versions of this dress in the summer.

Colourful dresses

Every year we see brides playing with colour in their wedding dresses, and this year will be no different. Colour is a trend that is growing in popularity with both brides and designers alike, it is the perfect way to show your unique personal style on your wedding day! As this trend continues to develop, more people are understanding that it doesn’t have to be either all colour or all white, you can have a bit of both. We are seeing more designers have white or ivory gowns with a bit of coloured details and embellishments added. These work especially well in summer as they tend to be more light and pastel colours that are incorporated into the design.

Tea length dresses

First shooting to popularity in the 1930’s, the tea length dress has continued to be popular amongst brides. For brides who want a bit of a vintage flare at their summer wedding, a tea length dress is always the go to option. These are a great in between of a short gown and a full length gown, giving you the shape and body you want from a long dress while still showing off some of your legs. They also add a fun and flirty twist to the brides style, popular amongst those who want something a bit more unique for their big day.

Summer 2021 is set to be popular for weddings, giving us the much needed wedding season we didn’t get to have last year! Expect to see a range of different styles coming down the aisle this year, each dress as unique as the bride wearing it.

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