Wedding dresses that are perfect for autumn 

Wedding dresses that are perfect for autumn 

While what wedding dress you wear is ultimately down to your own personal style, when you’re getting married in autumn there are certain dresses that just match the autumnal vibes best. The season you’re getting married in is worth bearing in mind when you’re on the hunt for your perfect gown – and this doesn’t mean you have to be in a long-sleeved high-neck gown to keep warm, it’s more about matching your style to the atmosphere that will be surrounding your big day. This isn’t to say you have to base your entire wedding around it being autumn, these are just some design ideas you can consider! 

Long-sleeved lace gown

The best thing about a lace gown is you can almost always find a design that will match the season you’re getting married in. In the summertime, you might opt for a pattern that is more floral, whereas during autumn you can look for something with leaves in the pattern to incorporate the falling leaves outside. Lace sleeves also make for a really delicate way to have your arms covered during your wedding. If you’re wanting to cover up a bit, but do not have a solid block of material, you can opt for lace which will let some of your skin show through and look more delicate on your arms. 

Beaded ball gown

If you’re wanting to bring some sparkle into your wedding day, a beaded ball gown is the way to go. This is for the bride who wants a showstopper, and while lots of embellishments are less popular in the warmer months, it’s always a favorite amongst autumn and winter brides. The glamorous, bright beading contrasts the outdoors feeling a bit drabber, and really brings that bit of shimmer to your day. If a ball gown isn’t your style you can get beaded dresses in various different designs, and you could even amp it up with some alterations and add more sparkle to your gown if you wanted to.

Vintage-style satin gown

Vintage style gowns are for a classic bride who wants to celebrate the fashion of the past with their wedding gown. Long sleeve satin gowns are a popular vintage style, and you can see why. They are effortlessly elegant and will make any autumnal bride look incredible on their big day. If you’re wanting something a bit more unique then this is the way to go, you don’t see as many brides wearing vintage gowns these days and they really add a touch of magic to your wedding day. There are various satin styles available, with or without sleeves, so there will definitely be something to suit your style.

Whether you want to incorporate the season into your wedding or not, it’s always good to have a starting point when you’re out looking for wedding dresses. We recommend these three styles for any autumnal brides looking for a gown to wear on their big day.

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