Autumn 2022 wedding trends

Five trends for autumn weddings

As summer comes to an end and we say goodbye to the most popular seasons for weddings, we’re looking forward to seeing the trends for autumn 2022. While summer is the most popular time to tie the knot, there are plenty of couples out there who prefer autumnal vibes and choose to get married now instead! Keep reading for five trends we expect to see for autumn weddings this year.

Bright and bold colours

While autumn is often a time for deeper and more muted colours, many weddings this year are opting for bright and bold colours instead. Opting for bright colours is a great way to bring some warmth into your wedding in a season that is typically more well-known for darker colours. Your guests are also likely to opt for more muted tones this time of year, so all of the colours you have will stand out even more! 

Dried flowers

We’ve seen dried flowers slowly become more popular. Their muted colours and dried appearance are perfect for autumn, replicating the leaves on the ground we see but in a more refined and beautiful way. Dried flowers last for years with minimal care, so you can also take them from your wedding day to decorate your home and remind you of your wedding. If you choose to have a lot of dried flowers you can even offer some to your guests to keep as wedding favours.

Jewel tones

Think ruby red, emerald greens and sapphire blue. Jewel tones are expected to be particularly popular with autumnal weddings this year, offering colours that suit the season but also feel rich and elegant. You can choose one staple jewel tone or mix a few together depending on the style you’re going for.

Intimate ceremonies

When we think of autumn we think of the cosy vibes that come with it, and what’s more comfortable than an intimate wedding ceremony? This doesn’t just have to be about the number of people you have attending, but also the decorations. Think log cabin style with a warming fire and fluffy rug, combined with wedding decor and some seating for your nearest and dearest.

Destination weddings

For couples who are getting married in the cooler months, but want to opt-out of the chilly weather, destination weddings are an easy way out! The good thing about a destination wedding is that you can choose somewhere where the weather suits what you want and is much more predictable than what we deal with in the U.K. It also means you’ll probably get the venue and flights for a bit cheaper than in peak seasons, which makes a destination wedding much more affordable.

Planning your autumnal wedding

Planning a wedding is hard, so following along with the trends other couples choose is a great way to help when it comes to planning your big day. Whether you want to follow these trends or choose to go completely different, all that matters is that it suits your style and you end up with a wedding day you can look back on fondly.

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