altering a wedding dress that is too big

Altering A Wedding Dress That Is Too Big

There are many occasions where a bride will have a wedding dress that is too big for them. Whether this be because they have inherited a gown, bought a sample gown, or lost weight since buying the original gown. Luckily, dresses can be altered to fit perfectly, and with a professional seamstress nobody will ever be able to tell the dress was ever too big. Taking in and reducing the wedding dress size is a popular service in the wedding dress alterations world.

Having your wedding dress altered can be a nerve wracking experience, which is why we want to give you some insight into the process of altering a gown that is too big. Keep reading for some more information including what can be changed and the process that follows.

What Can Be Changed?


The fit of a gown can be altered to fit your body perfectly. When a gown is too large on you not only does it change the appearance of the dress, it will leave you feeling uncomfortable and not show off your figure the way you want it to. On your wedding day you should feel like your best self, wearing a beautiful dress that enhances your figure, which is easily done when your dress fits you perfectly.


The length of your gown can be shortened to a length that suits you. It is best to have this done with the shoes you are planning to wear on your wedding day so both yourself and your seamstress can get an exact idea of what your gown will look like on your wedding day. You want it to fall at the perfect length so that it isn’t too long or too short, hanging around your shoes.

The Process

Initial Appointment

Your first appointment will be a consultation where you can talk to your seamstress about the changes that need to be made. This will be a joint effort of your seamstress giving their professional advice as well as you sharing your personal preference about certain aspects. Your seamstress will pin your dress into place so that you can get an idea of what the gown will look like when finished, and also so they have an accurate pattern to follow of your body.


Fittings are the appointments that will follow your initial consultation. This is where you will be able to try on your gown and work with the seamstress until you are completely happy with your final look. You will have a few fittings in the build up to your big day, with the final one being around a month before your wedding to make sure the fit is perfect. It is important to have your final appointment close enough to the wedding so that your figure is unlikely to change, but also with enough time to make any final adjustments if necessary.

If you have a wedding dress that is too big and are looking for alterations, then get in touch with us today. We offer completely free initial consultations and won’t start any work until the price is completely agreed upon. We also offer rush appointments for those of you who are running out of time!

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