For most brides the veil completes that bridal feeling all brides crave. When you put on a veil it can really transform the way you see yourself, finally giving you that moment of realisation that you are getting married. It is important to find a veil that suits your style and compliments you dress exceptionally. We have a range of veils available for you to try on with your gown so you can get that vision of how you are going to look on your wedding day.


Short Veil

A short veil provides an elegant detail without being too overpowering or covering your dress. Short veils come in various lengths depending on your preference. We have veils in various lengths including fingertip, elbow, shoulder and birdcage. Short veils can come in a simple material, with details all over, or just some intricate details around the edge of the veil.

Long Veil

For brides who are looking for a dramatic entrance, a long veil really makes an impact when you walk into the room. Cathedral length veils go longer than your gown, and are particularly popular amongst brides who have a gown without a train. If you want a long veil, but don’t want it to go longer than your gown, a chapel length train may be more appropriate.

Material & Details

At AB Wedding Dress Alterations we have veils to suit any bride. Whether you are looking for something simple and delicate or detailed and elegant, you will find the perfect design for your wedding vision. Our veils are made out of tulle with other fabrics used to add detailing. Some of the designs we stock are:


Lace can be added to a simple tulle veil to create a more intricate design. This can be either all over the veil, or just around the edging at the bottom for a simple yet eye catching finish.


Having satin around the edge of the veil to finish it off is a beautiful addition to a simple design. The material also helps to create a bold, wave effect on the veil which looks exceptional draped over you. This works well with dresses made out of any material, not just those that already feature satin.


Plain veils are particularly perfect for brides who already have an extremely detailed gown. This way it frames the dress without taking anything away from you or your gown.


For added sparkle, beading can be added to your veil. This adds an elegant and eye catching touch to your overall bridal look, making sure everybody sees you as soon as you walk in the room.